Humans vs Zombies

San Francisco

Our Story So Far..

We came to Paradise Island about a year ago hoping for a vacation. When we arrived, we discovered that the local villagers were dead everywhere, and we were immediately attacked by raging bloody humans, humans that we soon discovered were already dead.

We ran back to the boat docks (the upper deck at Fine Arts) only to find our boat had been sabotaged. Clearly the Zombies weren't capable of this, so who had done it?

We spent months starting from the boat docks as our home base, building up our necessary supplies, which are always in danger of being lost/spent. Food, shelter, medicine and so forth.

Eventually we even braved the open water in a tiny powerboat after discovering a map showing a small island to the South, the Island Little Treasure, where we managed to find some more supplies and unlocked some puzzles as to why and how we had become trapped in this remote part of the world. Once we get more fuel for the powerboat we hope to investigate that island again.

Upon returning, we started occasionally running into hostile humans wearing masks. We discovered that they were called the "Marauders". They are heavily armored and for some reason the Zombies seem to completely ignore them.

There is a Marauder that wants to leave his people and betray them to join us, because he claims he no longer believes in what his people are doing, particularly after the Marauders captured our group and taunted us in their nightmare zombie obstacle course that killed many of our party.

We almost got him out, but lost too many in the process. Was it a trap, or does he actually have the info we need to finally understand and possibly even stop the Marauders?

Only time will tell. But for now, the Zombies are at the gates again and we are running low on food. "Hold the doors! Hold the doors!...."