Humans vs Zombies

San Francisco

Kids Policy

Children are welcome at our events with the following conditions:

  1. We've threatened multiple times to "turn humans into zombies" for talking during rules and mission briefing. We don't mind occasional "whispered asides" to your friends, but when people are regularly talking they are distracting the people around them and they are not listening. So from now on we will turn people into zombies if they are distracting too much during the rules. Please tell any little ones you may bring.
  2. Becoming tagged as a zombie. We have had multiple reports of kids who get tagged as a zombie and refuse to switch, either claiming they were not tagged or else just sitting out instead of playing zombie. There is no shame to getting tagged and becoming a zombie, it happens to all of us in the game, and we need everyone to be a good sport about this. So please have a talk with your kids about this before bringing them, because this is often a difficult transition for the younger ones.
  3. Not a change - but just a reposting of the current position - all minors must have a parental guardian with them at the game.
We're glad to have kids at the game, but we need to keep the game running smoothly for everyone, so please have a chat with your kids and make sure the next game can run well for everyone!